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                  Vice Chancellor's Message

"As Pakistan’s premier academic and research institution, Gomal University is committed to impart quality education through excellent and conducive learning and teaching environment. We believe that every student has the requisite potential and our aim is to see that this potential is realized and fulfilled. Such a committed, learner-centered approach to education means that we have a happy and purposeful community that strives for excellence in all academic activities. Read More.. Vice Chancellor's Message
 We induce and inculcate high moral values, sense of civic responsibility, and inquisitiveness amongst students. We strongly value our country’s social, environmental and economic wellbeing. The graduates of  Gomal University are extremely well received in the local market and abroad. This fact amply exhibits our commitment to quality education. Similarly, our students have been winning top positions in various academic and non-academic inter-university competitions.
                                                                                                                    Prof. Dr. Umar Ali Khan

                       Director's Message

"Distance learning is a pretty workable option for people of all ages desirous of getting education. It is relatively flexible than conventional styles of education. Students can complete their assignments whenever free instead of being restricted to an inflexible timetable. It allows the students to work according to their own schedules and circumstances. Requirements for joining a programme of study are not rigorous and there is no need to travel to and from the classes daily. Read More.. Director's Message
It provides opportunity of contact with tutors through tutorials, email or by landline or cell phones." At Gomal University, Distance learning is all about convenience and flexibility. Our aim is to remain at the forefronts to facilitate our learners. Join us and earn a degree of your choice without disrupting your career or other life pursuits
                                                                                                                       Prof. Dr. Umar Ali Khan

Mission Statement Mission Statement
The Directorate of Distance Education serves the society by providing quality education and qualified stuff outfitted with appropriate characters to advance knowledge in different fields of endeavor through all the imminent resources
Vision Statement Vision Statement
 The Directorate intends to provide supportive and encouraging academic environment to the students who live in geographically remote areas or have no adequate opportunities and prompt access to educational facilities.
Values Statement Values Statement
 The Directorate is resolutely determined to follow the principles of honesty, discipline, integrity, commitment and transparency for the achievement of its mission


Fee Slips for Masters/ B.Ed 2nd & 4th Term Last Date: 10-06-16 NEW (25-05-16)

New Admissions M.Ed 1st Term (2015-16) Interview Schedule  (03-05-16)

M.A Acconting & Finance 3rd Term (2014-16) Practical Schedule  (03-05-16)

M.Ed 2nd Term (2014-15)Last Date for submission of Research Topic  (14-04-16)

M.Ed 2nd Term (2014-15)Last Date for submission of Research Topic  (29-03-16)

Submission of Migartion/ NOC   (24-02-16)

B.Ed 2nd Term (2014-15) Director Lesson Group wise New Dates   (12-02-16)

M.Ed (2nd Term) Thesis submission last date   (12-02-16)

Fee Slips for M.Ed (2nd Term and Masters (3rd Term)   (06-01-16)

B.Ed 2nd Term (2014-15) Director Lesson Group wise detail   (05-01-16)

Migration/ N.O.C submission Notice   (04-01-16)

Exam Form submission Notice   (03-01-16)

Fee submission Notice  (19-10-15)

Exam Form and Fee submission with normal Fee (Masters/ B.Ed)  (11-09-15)

M.Ed 2nd Term (2013-14) Thesis Submission Final Date  (11-09-15)

Fee Slips for New Terms  (07-06-15)

Important!!! List of students having deficiencies in their documents  (15-05-15)

Submission of Research Proposal- M.Ed (2nd Term 2013-2014)  (21-04-15)

Exam Form Last Submission Date M.Ed 2nd Term (25-03-15)


Archived NEWS/ Events

After announcement of Admissions by the Directorate, following procedure will be followed;

1.   Admissions:

              I.            Prospectus including admission Forms will be available at the Directorate of Distance Education, City campus, Gomal University from the announced date. Admission form will also be available on the website. (www.degu.edu.pk) Bank Draft must be attached with the online downloaded from.

            II.            Prospectus will have all the details, schedule of the interview and fee structure.

          III.            After reception of filled admission forms along with relevant documents prospective students will be called for interview the date of which will be mentioned in Prospectus and advertisement.

          IV.            After the interview list of provisionally selected candidates will be displayed on the Office notice boards and on the website. (www.degu.edu.pk)

2.   Fee remission:

              I.            Provisionally selected candidates will have to obtain admission fee slips from Directorate’s Office OR www.degu.edu.pk.

            II.            After depositing fee, student must submit “Directorate’s Copy” of slip in the directorate’s office on or before due date.

          III.            Failing to submit Admission fee slip in the directorate’s office in stipulated time will render the candidate ineligible.

          IV.            Those students who passed their B.A/B.Sc from other universities or have migrated from Gomal University will have to submit their N.O.C/ Migration Certificate in Directorate along with registration fee within 20 days of their admission failing which will render them ineligible.


3.      Schedule/ Course Outlines/ Assignments: 

              I.            Schedule, Course Outlines and assignments will be provided to the candidates on the first tutorial.

            II.            Schedule and Course Outlines will also be available on the Directorate’s website. (www.degu.edu.pk)

          III.            Each student will have to submit two assignments to concerned tutors in each term.


4.      Examination/ Attendance:


              I.            Blank exam forms will be provided to the candidates on the first tutorial.

            II.            Filled exam form along with examination fee slip must be submitted in the directorate on or before due date failing which a candidate will have to deposit additional late fees. Late fee schedule can be seen from (www.gu.edu.pk)

          III.            In addition to male students, female students will also have to submit three passport sized photographs along with filled exam form else their exam roll numbers will not be issued.

          IV.            Date sheets for examination will be available in Directorate’s office and on the website (www.degu.edu.pk)

          V.            It is mandatory for Distance Student to have at leasts75% attendance in each term. A student with shortage of attendance will be penalized.