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Gomal University

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Department of Mass Communication


The department of journalism was established with the very inception of The Gomal University in 1974.The course of studies have been updated periodically over the years. The department now offers a composite degree of masters in mass communication. It includes a focus on journalism with three practice based papers and a focus on mass communication reflected in several courses in communication and social sciences theory & research methods. The students are also given some training in MS Word processing and computer analysis of survey and content analysis data-sets.

    A recent job absorption study revealed that over 60% of the graduates of the department have been absorbed in professionally related jobs. The rest occupied jobs in the other areas in the job-market. This can safely be assumed to be a high rate of job absorption considering the present high figures of educated employed in the country.

   The department possesses a well-stocked library containing latest titles published abroad. Included among its holdings, and in keeping with the multidisciplinary focus of mass communication, are reputed foreign research journals belonging to communication and other social sciences.

Additionally, almost all leading national dailies and some foreign news magazines are also subscribed. The back issues of all the magazines are saved for research purposes in the archives of the central library of the university.


Eligibility Criteria:                           M.A Mass Communication

        I.  BA or B.Sc  or B.Com with at least 2nd division.

2. No age limit .