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1.How To Apply 2.Course Choice 3.Course materials 4.Fee/ Course payment 5.Assessment
6.Classes/study centers 7.Student Support 8.Transportation 9.Complaints & appeals

1. How to Apply

Q: What is the procedure for applying for a particular course?

A: Distance Education students will undergo the same procedure for admission as of regular students. (Please see section admission on the website). For the students applying online can download admission form .The filled admission form should be sent to the Directorate of Distance Education, Gomal University, D.I.Khan with a cheque/draft of Rs: 200/-  in favor of Director Finance Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan.

Q: How old I have to be to study at the DDE Gomal University?

A: There is no age limit for distance education students.



Q: Can I register myself online?

A: No, registering at Gomal University is a time taking process, therefore its mandatory for the applicant to visit the DDE office at least once.



Q: How can I submit my admission form?

A: The applicant has to buy a prospectus, which includes an admission form, and submit it in the distance education office or download the form online and send it to  the Directorate of Distance Education, Gomal University, D.I.Khan along with a cheque/draft of Rs: 200/-  in favor of Director Finance Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan..



Q: How can I order a prospectus?

A: You can ordered by post after sending a cheque/money order of Rs.250/- in the name of the Director Distance Education, Gomal University, D.I.Khan.



Q: Are the degrees recognized? What is the credibility?

A: Yes, Gomal University is a public sector University and is recognized by HEC. Gomal University stands at the 11th place among all National Universities.



Q: I have disability .What kind of support will I be provided?

A: One seat has been allotted to disable candidates in each programme.



Q: I have done Master from Gomal University in a previous session, now I want to know if I will be eligible for another Master degree under Distance Education from the same Gomal University.

A: Yes! You are eligible for another Master through Distance Education at Gomal University.



Q: I have done Master from Gomal University in a previous session and I have not migrated anywhere as yet, shall I have to register once more or the same registration will be all right?

A: Your previous registration is still valid. Therefore you will not need to pay the registration fee again.



Q: I am a regular employee, shall I need to obtain NOC from my Department/ Employer and produce thereof in the University as admission requirement?

A: We don’t require any NOC from employees as most probably tutorial classes will be held on Sundays, still it is recommended to obtain NOC as a precaution



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2. Course Choice

Q: Where can I get the detailed course content from?

A: The detailed course will be made available online for the students enrolled. It can also be provided by postal service on request.

Q: How should I choose my course?

A: Courses available are listed online for students to choose according to their qualification & eligibility criteria


Q: Can I change my course?

A: No, Course once selected can not be changed, So you should opt after thorough deliberation.



Q:  Am I eligible?

A:  Eligibility can be checked online in the academic program section with different courses offered.



Q: What will be the course completion duration?

A:  Two years for all masters through Distance Education except for B.Ed & M.Ed.



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3.Course materials

Q: Can I get access to my course material for free?

A:  Yes, Course material can be accessed by the enrolled through his own student portal.

Q: When will be my course material delivered?

 A:  Once the student is registered with us the detailed course content & material will be sent on student address by post.


4.Fee/ Course payment

Q: How can I pay for my course admission? 

A: Payment for the prospectus& the total admission fee can be made by sending a bank draft or cheque in the name of Director Finance Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan.

Q: Can I pay in installments?

A: Yes, payment can be made per term  or per annum.  


Q: What will be the total cost of a particular program?

A:  Please check the fee section on the home page. http://www.degu.edu.pk/img/fees.jpg


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Q: How will be the students assessed? 

A:    The admitted students will be examined with regular students appearing under term system of examination. Existing faculty as well as the examination department will coordinate with the Directorate for the assessment of the enrolled students The content of syllabi will be same as for regular students appearing under term system of examination. The exam will be bifurcated into the following
•  Credit for participation in assignments, tutorials and workshops (weightage 20%)
•  Formal examination at the end of every term (weightage 80%)

Q: Where will I appear for my exams?

A: The students will appear for exams with the regular admitted students.


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6. Classes/study centers

Q: What if I don’t attend the classes?

A:   Classes are mandatory to attend, if in case a student fails to attend, marks will be deducted.

Q: How many classes will I take for a particular course?

A: There is only one class for each course in a month.


Q: Who will teach us?

A: University Professors are assigned as tutors, who will take classes and help students with their assignments.


Q: To whom will I submit my assignments and what will be the delivery process?

A:     Assignments will be submitted to respective tutors. Students can contact their tutors through emails & will submit their assignments through postal service.


Q: What is the location of the study centers?

A:     Study centers are located in respective departments.


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7.Student support

Q: Will I be provided with a student portal?

A:   Yes, the registered student will be provided with his/her own student portal, so that they can access their academic records, tests, & assignments.

Q: Will I be provided with library facility & am I eligible to issue books?

A: Yes, distance students will be facilitated with library books but will not be allowed to take them off the library premises.


Q: Can I talk to the advisor face to face?

A: Yes, advisors are there to help or provide counseling to students at any time.


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Q: Is there any transportation facility available for the distant students?

A:   Yes, University busses are available which will provide pick n drop service within D.I.Khan city.

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9. Complaints & appeals

Q: Where should I submit my queries/complaint?

A:  You can always call the facilitation service, visit the Directorate/ Department or submit your queries online at info@degu.edu.pk and/or through message board. 

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